Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Blood Weakness: Selective feeding. The Ventrue have rarefied tastes; so much so, that each Ventrue is attuned to a particular kind of prey, and cannot be fully nourished by blood from people who do not fit a given description. The more powerful the Ventrue, the most refined his or her tastes are, to the point where a powerful Ventrue's chosen prey will be limited to a tiny percentage of the local human population. Blood from others holds no appeal for the character, and will only provide minimal nourishment for the volume consumed.
A Ventrue may never receive any nourishment from animal blood and will always be fully nourished by Kindred blood, regardless of whether the Kindred in question meets his requirements for mortals.
The nature of this curse is intensely mystical. Newly-created Ventrue must spend some time determining exactly what it is that makes some mortals appealing to them, and others not for they do not consciously know why they find prey attractive. Ventrue do, however, sense it whenever a mortal fits their criteria, even though they may not know why. They will want to figure it out, though, and keep it secret from others.
In general, the prey inclusion is determined by local demographics, though why this should be so is not evident. New fledglings will be able to feed from up to half the local population without problems, and gain some nourishment from mortals who do not meet their criteria. Elders, on the other hand, will find themselves limited to a small proportion of the canaille. Consequently, they will spend a great deal of time finding ways to give themselves access to their chosen prey. This is perhaps the most pressing reason why the Ventrue are so conservative in their politics; they cannot afford to be otherwise.

Ventrue of Note:

Kim Liu: Kim Liu is the Ventrue Duke in the Bay Area. Has recently embraced Rada in order to shore up control over areas that are less than legal and to have a presence in the Anubi.
Ms. Liu understands just what is at stake.

Matthew Honarius: While very prim and proper, to those who are in the know, Honarius is the man who can acquire anything. Guns, people and things that are best not menioned have all been procured by Honarius – for a fee.
Honarius dislikes wasted time, every moment unused is a moment that will never be regained.


Terrence Pope: Pope is in charge of security and police and is one of the go to men for the Anubi.
Terrence is never without a backup plan.

Sgt. Alan Chesterton:

Mr. Gray:


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