Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

Blood Weakness: Vis loss. The Tremere are best known for their origins; they are the only clan that does not claim direct descent from Caine. Instead, their powers are largely derived from magic, which Tremere and his followers used to steal eternal existence, thus saving themselves from death when the Mythic Age of Europe came to an end. However, this process involved tremendous costs and to this day, the magical nature of the clan's origin is reflected in its primary weakness.
Unlike other Kindred, Tremere must make special efforts to use their powers. When a Tremere uses a Discipline, she must power it with Vis, the raw stuff of magic. Vis may be obtained from cairns, relics, and other sources; however, a Tremere's most common source of Vis is her own Blood.
The frequency with which a Tremere character must expend Vis to activate her powers depends on her blood potency. Lowly Apprentices spend Blood Points to activate Disciplines for a night at a time, but can use their Clan Disciplines freely; more powerful Magi must use Vis (and sometimes Willpower) for all powers, just as they do for Thaumaturgy. Smart Tremere stock up on alternative sources of Vis, and prepare rituals ahead of time so they may be used at no immediate cost.
Powers that normally require expenditure of vitae, such as Protean, Thaumaturgy, or Celerity, are exempt from any extra requirements; the Tremere versions of these Disciplines account for the extra Vis. However, the normal Blood Point cost must still be paid in full, and Vis must still be spent to activate other powers. When a Discipline is only activated by external attacks, as for Majesty or Fortitude, the power activates automatically when needed, and the Vis is subtracted instantaneously from the Tremere's blood pool. Tremere may find other sources of Vis; however, their own blood is usually the most convenient, and it is assumed that Vis costs will usually come out of a character's own Blood Pool.

Tremere of Note:

Kevin Sieung:
Known Paths: Divination, Vis.

Rhea Mathieson: Rhea operates as curator in the Tremere's primary chantry. Due to a curse placed on her by Samuel Mathieson, mortals can see her lack of humanity as decomposition.
Rhea is fond of tying knots that are both incomprehensible complex and yet remarkably simple.
Known Paths:

Simon Pendragon:
Known Paths: Reliquary, Wards.

Drums-for-Spirits: Drums acts as the Tremere liason with the Malkavians and Gangrel. However, most don't trust him, as it seems he is slowly going mad.
Drums knows that the city is alive, and only he can sing it's lullabye.
Known Paths: Spirit Thaumaturgy.

Jacob Tecaster:
Known Paths:

Kristoff: The head of the Northern Lights Tremere Chantry located in the Northern California/Southern Oregon area. Kristoff operates under Sieung, supplying extra funds to the main chantry in SF.
Known Paths:

Pontius Vaugk:
Known Paths: Path of the Learned.

Juan Delgado "Father Gaunt':
Known Paths:


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