Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Blood Weakness: Fascination. Toreador are susceptible to beauty, pleasure, and novelty; so much so that they may become entranced by a work of art, an intensely pleasurable experience, or mere flickering lights. While in this state, the character may take no action other than to admire the object, person, or feeling. This lasts until the stimulus is removed, the character exerts Willpower, or his attention is forcibly diverted (he suffers a wound, Rotschreck, or some similarly dramatic interruption).
Many Toreador claim this phenomenon as a blessing rather than a curse, for they find joy in things that are uninteresting to most other Kindred. Even more importantly, this characteristic means that Toreador tend to become lost in the rapture of the Kiss, often draining their victims to the point of death without intending to do so.
Those who attempt to resist the fascination may and characters also become accustomed to people or objects, so in time a given stimulus will no longer cause the same reaction that it did when first encountered. However, too much restraint or too little novelty will inevitably lead a Toreador to burn out emotionally. A Toreador who goes for too long without rapture becomes jaded; she may lose Humanity, and have difficulty in recovering Willpower. Only when she encounters something new and interesting will she enjoy unlife again.
Fledgling Toreador experiences rapture only when viewing the most exceptional beauty, and find it less difficult to pull themselves away. Potent blooded elders will be distracted more easily, and find it harder to restrain their feeding. They may also become obsessed with a person or object, frequently daydreaming of it when not otherwise occupied.

Toreador of Note:

T. Cortez: During the Sabbat Wars, T openly sided with the Camarilla and helped Arye turn the tide against them. However, something horrible happened that caused her to become extremely agoraphobic. T is now never found outside her studio. She has recently embraced an outstanding new artist that was on the brink of death.

Zhana (formerly Gayle Emmerson): Zhana is the eldest Toreador within the city and is considered a Duchess. Zhana considers herself a patron of the arts and a supporter of the weakest in society. Rumoured to support expanding the current government structure.
- Was Queen (King) of the Bay Area before Timmons' arrival.
- Went by the name Gayle Emmmerson before the current restructuring.
Zhana's smile has broken the will of many a young woman.

Ellie Martine: Morbid Photographer.

Hector Serrano: Hector is the owner of the Red Devil Lounge, a trendy 'meat market' in SoMa. Serrano is one of the many beneficiaries of amnesty after the Sabbat Wars.

Rafael Izay:



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