the masquerade

The masquerade is a term for the centuries old campaign by most Kindred to keep the existence of vampires secret from mortals. The reasons for this are numerous (humans are easier prey if they do not even know of the existence of predators, mortals that are ill informed are no threat, etc.) but it is primarily because when mortals band together they can easily destroy even the most powerful of Cainites.

Most younger Kindred do not see the need for the masquerade but are forced to obey by threat of a Blood hunt that can be called by the eldest vampires in the area.

The rules:

  • Kindred may not reveal themselves as vampires to mortals.
  • Kindred may not use of abilties that defy the natural order  in front of the eyes of mortals.
  • Other creatures of The Gloaming (Lupines, Magi, Spirits, adn so on) will be destroyed if the bring eyeson the supernatural.

the masquerade

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