History of the Clan

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Blood Weakness: Hideous. The Nosferatu are universally appalling. Upon their embrace, their Appearance is lowered to zero and they fail all social challenges when there true visage is apparent.
Although every Nosferatu is hideously warped by the Embrace, the severity of the deformity is affected significantly by the strength of the blood. Nosferatu of less-potent blood may almost pass for human from a distance, or when suitably disguised or covered (in a ski mask and baggy clothing, for example). Though they are obviously unusual, the curse has not yet warped them beyond recognition. Only one or two noticeable oddities may give away their true natures.
With more potent blood, Nosferatu approach and exceed the normal human limits for size and shape. Their bodies become wildly asymmetrical, and make it obvious to anyone who spots their silhouette, tracks them through underbrush, or uses similarly indirect methods of observing them. The deformities become so pronounced that they undermine the effects of the Mask of a Thousand Faces, making targets feel uneasy even though they do not understand why (penalties to Social rolls, even when using Mask). Severe deformities may cause physical difficulties, making certain actions difficult (+1 difficulty to one chosen physical ability, such as Dodge or Athletics) or impossible; or even requiring that the character possess Potence or Fortitude in order to overcome the physical impossibility of their shape.
Unnatural features may include intense body odor, unnatural skin and hair color, or texture, disturbingly asymmetrical location of eyes, ears, or arms; extra folds or flaps of skin, vocal tones that violate human norms, extra (vestigial) limbs, gangrenous sections of flesh, open sores, pustules, or boils, skeleton-like emaciation, phenomenal obesity, gigantism or dwarfism, unnatural shapes of bodily features (nose, ears, feet, etc).

Nosferatu of Note:

Albert 'Aldo' Dewitt: The Duke of Clan Nosferatu. Aldo appears as nothing more than a burned and disfigured homeless man, and has unparalleled access to the network of homeless and welfare system. Aldo is caring to his friends, but relentless with those that threaten them.
It seems impossible to move Aldo somewhere he doesn't want to go.

Franklin 'Frankie the Fire-Bug': Franklin has been assisting Timmons as a Watcher for the past few years. He is probably the most social of all the nosferatu.
Franklin always smells of cheap aftershave.

Reggie: Reggie is in charge of guarding the Gate of the Warrens from <<spoiler>> .
Other than PusEye and Drums, few deal with him as he has become quite erratic.

Court Hanover:

[[:Maxwell Caedmon]]:

Puseye: PusEye relocated from the Las Vegas Warrens a decade ago, after the 'general awfulness' that happened there. PusEye seems to know Tremere extremely well, and can almost predict their plans.
PusEye's shadow seems larger that it should be.


Edwin Stark:


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