History of the Clan

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate

Blood Weakness: All malkavians seem to have the air of lunacy about them, whether this is actual insanity and if the madness in in the clan's vitae is rigorously debated.
In game terms, all malkavians have a derangement the abilty to 'control' the derangement is directly related to the vampire's blood potency.

Malkavians of note:

Nimp Mahar: Duke (Duchess) in the court of San Fransisco. A motherly figure to her clan, constantly keeping an eye on her 'children'. Since the return of her ‘father', Nimp has been more reserved and crafty.
Nimp prefers coffee to tea.

Ian ('The Dionysian'): Somehow, the long deceased Ian is back. Supposedly, Nimp stitched him together piece by piece. Others say that he just walked into the Bay Area at the end of the Sabbat Wars as if nothing had happened. Whatever the truth is, he makes all of the eldest kindred in the city uneasy.
Ian isn't sure if he belongs anymore. Ian worries about no one.

'Mr. Greenleaf': Greenleaf operates out of Nevada as an enforcer for the SanGiovanni. Greenleaf no longer has his trademark attaché case, and seems to be completely sane.

Buckley: Buckley has been chosen by God to realize His Truth.


Ivan Littlefield: The Paramedic.

Marcus Aurelius: Brandishing a quick wit and a quicker blade, Marcus claims to be Dumas' inspiration for Porthos and part of a long tradition of sword carrying heroes (Roland being his most recent claim).
Marcus remembers when things were very different than they are now. His job is to make sure He doesn't remember.

Len Tuttle:


The Gloaming delenore