What are Lupines?

The simple answer is werewolves; unpredictable beasts that are tied to the phases of the moon. The complete answer is much more than that, however. Many a kindred scholar has attempted to find the origins and capabilities of lupines. However, the truth is not known.

The Facts and Fallacies of lupines:

Lupine are affected by silver. However, different individuals have differing levels of vulnerabilities.  One lupine's skin might blister if the metal was touched to it, while another might grow incresaingly beast-like in the presence of silver.

Lupines are somehow tied to the lunar cycle. Lupine attacks are far more frequent during the full moon and sparse during the new moon.

Lupines dislike cities. This is predominately true, while Lupines are sometimes found in urban areas, this is extremely rare. They are far more prevalent in rural and suburban areas. Some Trmemere hypothesize that lupines lose power in cityscapes, but this has yet to be proven.

Lupines can change shape. Like most information on lupines, this is both true and false. Lupines have been seenas large to normal size wolves, man-wolf hybrids (though this seems rare), and even as other types of predatory animals (bears, mountain lions and so on). These forms seem ephemeral, however. Still photos and video of these creatures show only a normal human (albeit one that is usually naked and moving abound on all fours). 

Other animals hate lupines. This is true to an extent, prey type animals will shun most lupine, but predator animals tend to be submissive and treat lupines as alphas. This has been found to be true of even ghouled animals.

Lupines are the ultimate hunters. This is found to be, unfortunately, true. It seems that lupine have an amazing ability to sense the unnatural and instinctively seek to destroy it. It has been seen that lupine seem to gain power by the devouring of supernatural entities (and that they seem to like the taste of vampires). 



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