House Rules

House Rules
These are all rules that are not found in the Source Material.

New and/or Improved Abilities
There are some abilities that can be gained during play.

Lores will be learned on the following chart. Lores require a teacher or book. No book may teach more then a single level in a given lore. You need as many 'teachers' as the level of the lore you are trying to learn, each teacher must possess the level of the lore you are trying to learn. Should you be learning solely from books you are required to have twice as many books as the level you are trying to learn. (i.e.: 8 books to learn level 4 AFTER you have already learned level 3). Each book is only good for learning a single level of lore; this means that if you use your Setite lore book as a source for Setite lore 2, you may not use the same book as a source for Setite lore 3; you will need to find a new one.
* 1 Month
* 1 Month
4 Months
* 8 Months
1 Year

If you have a specialization for an action resolution then you may remove one minus from the dice roll before determining your result. Specialization may be used if the adjective fits the objective of the roll. For Example, an Appearance specialty of rugged good looks may give an advantage on a seduction attempt.

Taking your Time

Taking twice the time to perform an action lowers the difficulty by one. For example, taking 2 hours to perform a one hour repair lowers the difficulty from 7 to 6. Aiming in combat is classed as Taking Your Time (and is different from targeting a specific body part).

Fate Cards

Instead of using Willpower points, characters draw up to their Fate rating in cards at the beginning of a session. A card may be played for it's text or played for +1 on any action.

Fate begins at a rating of 4 and can be increased for 3x desired rating in experience.

House Rules

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