History of the Clan

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Blood Weakness: Degeneration. Each time the Beast takes over a Gangrel, it leaves traces behind; with each Frenzy, a Gangrel gains one permanent animal feature. When the Gangrel has gained enough such features, the change is so evident that it affects social interactions.
In game terms, (s)he loses a point from a Social Attribute. With more potent blood, the curse is so strong that Frenzies leave a spiritual mark as well as a physical one; the character can experience similar degeneration of her Intelligence and moral Virtues.
For less powerful blood, the animal features are less evident; the character may acquire a habit of blinking like an owl, his or her voice may become a little harsher, or (s)he may sprout a little fur in odd places. Because these changes are relatively minor, the character must gain several before they have a permanent effect on interactions with others.
However, with more potent blood, these features become more obviously bestial, and thus harder to conceal or disregard. Feathers or fish scales, knees that bend the wrong way, cat's eyes and palates that can barely form human speech are common afflictions for Gangrel who are closer to Caine.

Gangrel of Note:

Damien Stonebreaker: Active in the Bay Area, but not directly involved in vampiric politics. He is attempting to return to his Faith (albeit slowly). Damien uses his influence in the mortal world to retain status and influence in kindred society.
Damien hasn't recovered from the loss of his packmates.

Katherine: Katherine has been working inside the San Francisco Zoo training animals and working with biologists. Katherine has very little to do with Kindred politics except when it infringes on the science community.
Some say Katherine is cold. They have no idea.

Garret Tucker: Garret utilizes his control over the fire department to give the Gangrel some much needed influence in vampiric politics. Garret is also one of the heads of the Anubi.
Garrett fights against the concept of 'destiny'. Wotan is just a name.

Cyndi Travers:

Jared Thomas:

Sable James:

Michael Timmons: Upon hearing of the death of Arye and the return of Ian, Timmons returned to the Bay Area. Finding his friend's legacy in tatters, Timmons accepted the offer of Kingship replacing Zhana and earning her (and the Toreador's) disdain. Timmons believes (secretly) that asinister force is attempting to take control of the Bay Area, this has lead him to assist in creating the Anubi.

Ethan Tinsworth:

All-The-Animals ('Nameless'): Born with the name Arye Kincaid, he has since lost that name. For a time he existed only as one with no name. Since the death of the one that cursed him, he has re-christented himself all-the-animals. Animals no longer can no longer be considered 'human' by any definition. He is a threat to all.
All-the-Animals is a hodge-podge of the animal kingdom. It realizes that nature is red in tooth and claw.


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