Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Blood Weakness: The Brujah's Beasts are closer to the surface than other vampires. All attempts to resist a frenzy is more difficult for a Brujah. As Brujah age, their rage becomes more and more hair trigger.

Brujah of Note:

Uther Buchanan: A scotsman of indeterminate age, known for his brutal behaviour and deep sense of honour. There are rumours that he was subjected to the tortures of Sutekh and is planning a most elaborate revenge.

Hell Haggerty: known to have arrived in San Francisco sometime around 1850, and was a member of the notorious Australian gang, the "Sydney Ducks," which terrorized San Francisco in the middle of the 19th century. Hell owns several adult bookstores, a porn studio, some massage parlors, and other businesses of that ilk throughout the Bay Area.

Donal: A freelance journalist, rumoured to be a former IRA terrorist. Donal only makes his home in the Bay Area when he has time away from his busy job.

Erica n0n3: Erica used to be an anarch in the Berkeley Free State, but was intrumental in getting the Anarchs to side with the Camarilla during the Sabbat Wars. Erica is known as a master strategist and technological expert.

Santiago: One of the beneficiaries of general amnesty at the end of the Sabbat War and in fact, one of the architects of the truce and reformation of current Society.

Sgt. Jesse Brookes: An Afghanistan war vet, Jesse has recently returned to the states and been embraced.

Andrew Syrus: The newest Brujah, Uther embraced Syrus to gain knowledge about the Sutekh bloodline.


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