Tag: discipline


  • Celerity

    This discipline grants superhuman grace, speed and preternatural reflexes.

    Clans with Celerity: [[Brujah]], [[Toreador]], [[Assamite]], [[Omaissile]], and  [[Ravnos]]

  • Auspex

    The enhancement of the five senses and the granting of preternatural sensory powers.

     Clans with Auspex: [[Malkavian]], [[Toreador]], [[Tremere]], as well as the [[Ceguira]] and [[Salubri]].

  • Dominate

    The ability to force one's will onto others. This discipline requires the vampire to make eye contact with the target.

    Clans with Dominate: [[Malkavian]], [[Tremere]], [[Ventrue]], as well as the [[SanGiovanni]] and [[Tzimsce]].

  • Obfuscate

    Pactices that enable a vampire to be unseen and alter how individuals see her. This discipine has no effect on machines or animals.

    Clans with Obfuscate: [[Assamite]], [[Malkavian]], [[Nosferatu]], [[Sutekh]] and the [[Samedi]].

  • Animalism

    Animalism grants it's user the ability to communicate with adn command all manner of beast and animals. This discipline also grants a limited ability to interact with a vampire's [[The Beast | Beast]].

  • Fortitude

    Fortitude grants a vampire a superhuman constitution, enabling her to shrug off wounds and act despite of pain.

    Clans with Fortitude: [[Gangrel]] and [[Ventrue]].

    The following bloodlines also possess Fortitude: [[Omaissile]], [[Salubri]], …

  • Presence

    Presence gives a vampire the potent ability to influence the emotions of those around her. Feelings can be amplified, or at high levels, erased entirely.

    Clans with Presence: [[Brujah]], [[Toreador]], [[Ventrue]] and [[Sutekh]].

  • Potence

    Potence increases a vampire's a vampires strength to inhuman levels, enabling her to run faster, lift more and jump farther than a mortal. Potence also grants a limited control of the vampire's own body, granting the ability to control her v …