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  • Samedi


    Clan Disciplines: [[Fortitude]], [[Obfuscate]], [[Thanatosis]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Samedi of Note:

    Samuel Mathieson:


    Theodore Durrant …

  • Bernadette

    Bernadette commonly appears as a harmless old lady, although it is now believed that this is a complete fabrication.

    • It is rumoured that she has ties to several of the vampires throughout the city.
    • Some believe that she is in fact …

  • Theodore Durrant

    Hanged at San Quentin State Prison in 1898 (after his conviction of the murder of 2 women), Theodore Durrant was subsequently embraced by Samuel Mathieson.

    • For quite a long period of time, Durrant was 'encarcerated' by the Nosferatu …

  • Edgar Parizot

    Parizot has worked for Abraham since his changing and reveres the 'old man'. Parizot is aware of the forces that are at work in the Bay Area and is attempting to survuve them.

    Rumours and Facts

    • Parizot managed …