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    The PCs are all picked up by [[Mortals | Dji]] (Timmons' ghoul) and a highly sensitive monkey. Also picked up are Victor and 2 new Anubi, [[:Syrus]] and [[:Char | Charley]].They are informed that there are to be one anubi for ever representive clan …

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    Pontius is unconscious at the bottom of the Bay, while the rest of the Anubi need to make a plan to get him back up. Eventually, Buckley, Cyndi and Victor are sent to gain the help of [[:tinsworth | Ethan Tinsworth]], who is residing near the Sutro …

  • Ride Along

    The Anubi are all brought to a briefing of the [[Watchers]]. They are instructed in the Watchers' mission, and told that they are to operate as internal affairs for the Watchers. Seperated into two groups (Cyndi, Pontius, Char & Buckley and …

  • Main Page

    The Musee Mecanique

    A guide to the ins and out of the campaign. 

  • clans

    There are several 'types' of vampires, organized into social groups called clans. Each clan has a weakness in their blood proclivity toward certain blood disciplines.

    The Core Clans: [[Brujah]], [[Gangrel]], [[Malkavian …

  • Gangrel

    History of the Clan

    Clan Disciplines: [[Animalism]], [[Fortitude]], [[Protean]]

    Blood Weakness: Degeneration. Each time the Beast takes over a Gangrel, it leaves traces …

  • Camarilla

    The Camarilla was a worldwide organization of vampires that was run from the 'old world' (Europe). The eldest in every major population center of Kindred was considered Prince, and had certain rights in their domain, but were still answerable to …

  • the gloaming

    The gloaming is a term used by certain sensitives and many elder kindred to describe the current state of supernatural affairs. [[The ravaging]] has had an effect on nearly every supernatural creed. For instance, most vampires were simply destroyed, …

  • The ravaging

    An unknown event that (temporarily) stripped the world of it;s supernatural essence. Certain creatures and beings simply ceased to exist during this time.

    None are sure just what the true cause of the ravaging was.

  • Brujah

    Clan Disciplines: [[Celerity]], [[Potence]], [[Presence]]

    Blood Weakness: The Brujah's Beasts are closer to the surface than other vampires. All attempts to resist a frenzy is more difficult for a Brujah. As Brujah …

  • Malkavian

    History of the Clan

    Clan Disciplines: [[Auspex]], [[Dominate]], [[Obfuscate]]

    Blood Weakness: All malkavians seem to have the air of lunacy about them, whether this is actual insanity and if …

  • Nosferatu

    History of the Clan

    Clan Disciplines: [[Animalism]], [[Obfuscate]], [[Potence]]

    Blood Weakness: Hideous. The Nosferatu are universally appalling. Upon their embrace, their Appearance is lowered to zero and …

  • Toreador


    Clan Disciplines: [[Auspex]], [[Celerity]], [[Presence]]

    Blood Weakness: Fascination. Toreador are susceptible to beauty, pleasure, and novelty; so much so that they …

  • Tremere


    Clan Disciplines: [[Auspex]], [[Dominate]], [[Thaumaturgy]]

    Blood Weakness: Vis loss. The Tremere are best known for their origins; they are the only clan that does not claim direct …

  • Ventrue


    Clan Disciplines: [[Dominate]], [[Fortitude]], [[Presence]]

    Blood Weakness: Selective feeding. The Ventrue have rarefied tastes; so much so, that each Ventrue is …

  • Assamite


    Clan Disciplines
    : [[Celerity]], [[Obfuscate]], [[Quietus]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Assamite of Note:



  • SanGiovanni


    Clan Disciplines: Catteveria, Dominate, Potence

    Blood Weakness:

    SanGiovanni of Note:

    Lyosha Rokossovsky:


    Giuliano ('Mr. Nobody'):< …

  • Samedi


    Clan Disciplines: [[Fortitude]], [[Obfuscate]], [[Thanatosis]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Samedi of Note:

    Samuel Mathieson:


    Theodore Durrant …

  • Sutekh


    Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis

    Blood Weakness:

    Sutekh of Note:

    Abraham: Abraham has gone by many names; Alysdaire, Ambrose and …

  • The Society

    Many of the elder Kindred have been destroyed or knocked into torpor. This has created a new political structure in the Bay Area, there are many smaller fiefdoms with their own ‘Princes', often called Barons (or Baronesses) or Dukes (Duchesses), …

  • Campaign Items

    These are the important items that have been acquired and/or glimpsed by the main characters of the campaign.


    [[:oneiros | Book of the Oneiros]]: Currently in the possession of Pontius.

    [[:canesword | Imbued Cane Sword]]: Also …

  • PCs

    The Player Characters


    [[:Cyndi | …

  • Bay Area

    Post [[the ravaging | ravaging]], northern California now has the densest population of vampires in the world. While debate still exists on the why of the situation, it has lead to new vampiric culture, [[The Society]].

    The largest areas of …

  • Sabbat

    The Sabbat is an extant society of vampires that revelled in their inhumanity. While they were once a powerful supernatural force, they have ceased to exist as a recognizable entity during [[The Gloaming]].

  • Mortals

    Some of the NPCs that don;t beggar a complete write up.

    Harold: A movie producer that is close and friends and business partner of [[Cyndi]].

    Hector: A bail bondsman that used to work with [[:Buckley]]. …

  • Resources

    Source material

    These are the game books that are used as either background or rules in the game.


    • Rules Binder: Contains all the current base rules for the campaign.
  • House Rules

    House Rules
    These are all rules that are not found in the Source Material.

    New and/or Improved Abilities
    There are some [[abilities]] that can be gained during play.


  • Other Supernaturals

    The other beasts of the gloaming.





    [[The Others]]

  • NPCs

    Most NPCs are listed on the NPC tracker. There are some, however, that are more than mere NPCs (or less than in some cases). This is their section


    [[The Others]] 


  • Deceased

    Those who have died (at least twice). 

    [[Arye Kincaid]]

    [[Jack Delenore]]


  • Celerity

    This discipline grants superhuman grace, speed and preternatural reflexes.

    Clans with Celerity: [[Brujah]], [[Toreador]], [[Assamite]], [[Omaissile]], and  [[Ravnos]]

  • the dossier

    The [[anubi]] have received a collection of papers, pictures and scribblings that represent most of the known knowledge of the current population of Kindred in the [[Bay Area]]. Most of the information has been cmpiled by [[:Timmons]], [[:skins | Kevin …

  • shadow conspiracy

    There are those that don't believe in [[The Society]]. There reasons are their own, but they are many. Some stand outside of The Society, while others hide within it. There only known goal is the eredication of The Society, and it's replacement …

  • The Agency

    After [[the ravaging]], the vampire populace restructured itself into a [[the society | new society]]. However, vampire hunters did much the same thing. What were once widely disparate groups (The religious Society of Leopold, the secular Twilight …

  • Reziel

    Formerly, the Seraph of Secrets in the Silver City, the being known as Reziel has been cast out. For a time, it was a vessel of vengeance - inhabitting the Gangrel known as Dodge Crowley.  Recently, it was exorcised from it's host and …

  • the masquerade

    The masquerade is a term for the centuries old campaign by most Kindred to keep the existence of vampires secret from mortals. The reasons for this are numerous (humans are easier prey if they do not even know of the existence of predators, mortals …

  • Lupines

    What are Lupines?

    The simple answer is werewolves; unpredictable beasts that are tied to the phases of the moon. The complete answer is much more than that, however. Many a kindred scholar has attempted to find the origins and capabilities of …

  • Locations

    The following is a brief rundown of the important locations in the campaign.

    [[Coit Tower]]:


    The hideaway at Mount Diablo:

    San Francisco Zoo:

    [[Sutro Baths]]:

    Player character havens:

  • anubi

    Realizing a threat was coming, the political heads of [[the Society]] have created a semi-autonomous group of investigators. They have been dubbed the anubi, a reference to the jackal-headed god of ancient that watched over the dead. All of the Anubi …

  • Colma

    An area of little interest to most kindred, as it is populated primarily by the truly deceased. Shunned as 'The Graveyard'.

    Pic of Colma

  • Sutro Baths

    Located on the westewrn side of San Francico, the remains of Adolph Sutro's indoor, public swimmming pools are found near the [[Cliff House]]. [[:Ethan Tinsworth]] is known to reside near the baths.

    The Others


     The others represent supernatural beings such as Deities (those that are remnants of there former glory and some new ones that have begun popping up), the Undying (individuals that have been cursed to constantly return to life …

  • The Five

    The current Five are unknown, but there is a prophecy in the Book of Oneiros.


    The Five shall consist of ...

    The twice (thrice?) dead one/

    The beast/ 

    The deathless one of curses/

    The one without ties ( …

  • Auspex

    The enhancement of the five senses and the granting of preternatural sensory powers.

     Clans with Auspex: [[Malkavian]], [[Toreador]], [[Tremere]], as well as the [[Ceguira]] and [[Salubri]].

  • Dominate

    The ability to force one's will onto others. This discipline requires the vampire to make eye contact with the target.

    Clans with Dominate: [[Malkavian]], [[Tremere]], [[Ventrue]], as well as the [[SanGiovanni]] and [[Tzimsce]].

  • Obfuscate

    Pactices that enable a vampire to be unseen and alter how individuals see her. This discipine has no effect on machines or animals.

    Clans with Obfuscate: [[Assamite]], [[Malkavian]], [[Nosferatu]], [[Sutekh]] and the [[Samedi]].

  • Animalism

    Animalism grants it's user the ability to communicate with adn command all manner of beast and animals. This discipline also grants a limited ability to interact with a vampire's [[The Beast | Beast]].

  • Fortitude

    Fortitude grants a vampire a superhuman constitution, enabling her to shrug off wounds and act despite of pain.

    Clans with Fortitude: [[Gangrel]] and [[Ventrue]].

    The following bloodlines also possess Fortitude: [[Omaissile]], [[Salubri]], …

  • Presence

    Presence gives a vampire the potent ability to influence the emotions of those around her. Feelings can be amplified, or at high levels, erased entirely.

    Clans with Presence: [[Brujah]], [[Toreador]], [[Ventrue]] and [[Sutekh]].

  • Potence

    Potence increases a vampire's a vampires strength to inhuman levels, enabling her to run faster, lift more and jump farther than a mortal. Potence also grants a limited control of the vampire's own body, granting the ability to control her v …

  • Omaissile

    Nicknames: Blood Kin


    Clan Disciplines: [[Celerity]], [[Fortitude]], [[Sanguinus]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Omaissile of Note:

  • Ravnos


    Clan Disciplines: [[Animalism]], [[Celerity]], [[Chimerstry]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Ravnos of Note:

    Joseph Grimaldi:

    Lyndi Brecht:

  • Tzimsce

    Nicknames: Fiends, Fleshlings 


    Clan Disciplines: [[Animalism]], [[Dominate]], [[Vicissitude]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Tzimsce of Note:

    < …

  • Ceguira

    Nicknames: Abyssians, Shadows 


    Clan Disciplines: [[Auspex]], [[Obtenebration]], [[Potence]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Ceguira of Note:

  • Salubri

    Nicknames: Devils


    Clan Disciplines: [[Auspex]], [[Fortitude]], [[Obeah]]

    Blood Weakness:

    Ceguira of Note:

  • Michael Timmons

    Timmons is rumored to be the very first vampire to discover San Francisco, having arrived to the West Coast with Sir Francis Drake in

    • Timmons is the current King of the Bay Area.
    • Timmons has sired at least 3 childer.

  • Harold 'Hell' Haggerty

    known to have arrived in San Francisco sometime around 1850, Haggerty was once a member of the notorious Australian gang, the "Sydney Ducks," which terrorized San Francisco in the middle of the 19th century.

    Hell currently owns several …

  • Santiago

    • One of the architects of the truce at the end of the Sabbat Wars.
    • A beneficiary of Sabbat amnesty.
    • Known as a level-headed thinker.
    • Has publicly denounced his own behavior while he was in the Sabbat.


    < …

  • Andrew Syrus


    A professor of middle eastern history at the University of San Francisco.

    Has been targettted by Assamites.

    Lone survivor of the massacre at a Brujah meeting in San Jose.


  • Uther Buchanan

    A scotsman of indeterminate age, known for his brutal behaviour and deep sense of honour. There are rumours that he was subjected to the tortures of Sutekh. This might be why he rails so strongly against the Setites.

    Uther is one of the …

  • Kristoff

    Kristoff is known as a Plutomancer (a magician that focuses on money and wealth) and so acts as a fund raiser for the Tremere.

    • Makes his home in the far northern woods of Califirnia.
    • Is rumoured to have a commune of sorts there …

  • Henry

    Henry is a young man (appears to be in his late teens), that is painfully shy.

    • Some say that Henry is a Manic-Depressive, and that his commonly seen behavior is just a depressive phase.
    • No one is sure just where henry came from. He …

  • Bernadette

    Bernadette commonly appears as a harmless old lady, although it is now believed that this is a complete fabrication.

    • It is rumoured that she has ties to several of the vampires throughout the city.
    • Some believe that she is in fact …

  • Mr. Greenleaf

    Mr. Greenleaf does not operate out of the Bay Area, prefering to make his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    • Once upon a time, Mr. Greenleaf always had an attache case handcuffed to his wrist. It is no longer there.
    • While Greenleaf seems …

  • Matthew Honarius

    One of the many amnesty recipients that now has an impressive role in the new society.

    • Honarius is rumored to be willing to deal with anyone, and never asks why they want something.
    • Never move against Honarius, so many people owe him …

  • Theodore Durrant

    Hanged at San Quentin State Prison in 1898 (after his conviction of the murder of 2 women), Theodore Durrant was subsequently embraced by Samuel Mathieson.

    • For quite a long period of time, Durrant was 'encarcerated' by the Nosferatu …

  • Pontius Vaugk

    So young student, where shall I start? From the beginning as most honest things do? Well the beginning then yes, hmm? There‚Äôs not much to tell, aside from being born into the family of a well to do, cowardly, hypochondriac of a prune farmer. …

  • Zhal

    Zhal was once known throughout San Francisco as the wealthy club owner, Gayle Emmerson. However, this name was merely a disguise, designed to keep her hidden from her vengeful and aggressive sire. However, since [[the ravaging]] she has become aware of …

  • Cyndi Travers

    Cyndi is completely in the dark as to the identity of her sire, as is the way with Gangrel childer. This is probaby for the best, as her sire wishes to remain anonymous, when her sire is ready they will meet. -Timmons

  • Charley Ibdis

    Little is known about Mr. Ibdis.

    -and I for one, find this disconcerting. No one seems to have heard from this Mr. Ibdis before the restructuring of the Anubi. He claims to be from the Reno area, which means he has probable SanGiovanni …

  • Sable, James

    DEA agent James Sable fell into the wrong crowd, while attempting to track the finances of a group of extreme environmentalists, he found himself enthralled with their leader, a lady named [[:katherine]]. This eventually lead to Sable's embrace.

  • Marcus

    Musrcus was first seen in 1973 walking out of the pacific ocean onto a public beach in Los Angeles, naked with an antique rapier. Quickly brought before the Baron of the Anarch Free State, Marcus claimed that he had been lost at sea for 'many a …

  • Simon Pendragon

    Mr. Pendragon is not his real name. his real name has been swallowed by history and the actions of the U.S. government. He operated as a 'fixer' for Uncle Sam throughout the world, making sure problems were fixed (problems in the form of foregn …

  • Edgar Parizot

    Parizot has worked for Abraham since his changing and reveres the 'old man'. Parizot is aware of the forces that are at work in the Bay Area and is attempting to survuve them.

    Rumours and Facts

    • Parizot managed …

  • Quetzelocoatl

    Quetzolocoatl is an unknown force. He appeared in the outskirts of The Society, nibbling at it's edges. He seems adept at targetting those vampires that are isolated in some way from vampire society and picking them off (or recruiting them).