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  • Brujah

    Clan Disciplines: [[Celerity]], [[Potence]], [[Presence]]

    Blood Weakness: The Brujah's Beasts are closer to the surface than other vampires. All attempts to resist a frenzy is more difficult for a Brujah. As Brujah …

  • Harold 'Hell' Haggerty

    known to have arrived in San Francisco sometime around 1850, Haggerty was once a member of the notorious Australian gang, the "Sydney Ducks," which terrorized San Francisco in the middle of the 19th century.

    Hell currently owns several …

  • Santiago

    • One of the architects of the truce at the end of the Sabbat Wars.
    • A beneficiary of Sabbat amnesty.
    • Known as a level-headed thinker.
    • Has publicly denounced his own behavior while he was in the Sabbat.


    < …

  • Andrew Syrus


    A professor of middle eastern history at the University of San Francisco.

    Has been targettted by Assamites.

    Lone survivor of the massacre at a Brujah meeting in San Jose.


  • Uther Buchanan

    A scotsman of indeterminate age, known for his brutal behaviour and deep sense of honour. There are rumours that he was subjected to the tortures of Sutekh. This might be why he rails so strongly against the Setites.

    Uther is one of the …