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  • the dossier

    The [[anubi]] have received a collection of papers, pictures and scribblings that represent most of the known knowledge of the current population of Kindred in the [[Bay Area]]. Most of the information has been cmpiled by [[:Timmons]], [[:skins | Kevin …

  • anubi

    Realizing a threat was coming, the political heads of [[the Society]] have created a semi-autonomous group of investigators. They have been dubbed the anubi, a reference to the jackal-headed god of ancient that watched over the dead. All of the Anubi …

  • Andrew Syrus


    A professor of middle eastern history at the University of San Francisco.

    Has been targettted by Assamites.

    Lone survivor of the massacre at a Brujah meeting in San Jose.


  • Pontius Vaugk

    So young student, where shall I start? From the beginning as most honest things do? Well the beginning then yes, hmm? There‚Äôs not much to tell, aside from being born into the family of a well to do, cowardly, hypochondriac of a prune farmer. …

  • Cyndi Travers

    Cyndi is completely in the dark as to the identity of her sire, as is the way with Gangrel childer. This is probaby for the best, as her sire wishes to remain anonymous, when her sire is ready they will meet. -Timmons

  • Charley Ibdis

    Little is known about Mr. Ibdis.

    -and I for one, find this disconcerting. No one seems to have heard from this Mr. Ibdis before the restructuring of the Anubi. He claims to be from the Reno area, which means he has probable SanGiovanni …