Simon Pendragon

Government Spook turned Tremere Alastor


Sire: Jeremiah Dennings

Date of Death: January 5, 1986

Blood Potency: 4

Known Skills: Pendragon is quite adept at monitoring the behavior of others while remaining obscured himself. Pendragon has many contacts within the CIA (perhaps NSA) that he uses to keep tabs on targets.

Known Disciplines: Simon is a skilled in Auspex and Celerity. He is also quite skilled in Thauamaturgy (specializing in the paths of Reliquary and Runes), but is more known for his inventiove applications of rituals than any actual power level. [While it's not known for certain, some vampires believe that Mr. Pendragon has begun learnig the Assamite discipline of Quietus.] -RM

Known Childer: Pendragon has embraced only one childe, Pontius Vaugk.

Clan Weakness: Magickal Inertia. Like all Tremere, Pendragon has difficulty using disciplines that are not related to his clan costing him additional vitae to utilize.


Mr. Pendragon is not his real name. his real name has been swallowed by history and the actions of the U.S. government. He operated as a 'fixer' for Uncle Sam throughout the world, making sure problems were fixed (problems in the form of foregn leaders that were leaning towards communism).

Mr. Pendragon was used to shadowy orders and shadowy people, so his eventual embrace into clan Tremere was merely more of the same to him. Pendragon quickly rose up the Pyramid, becoming one of the Arthames of Tremere, an Alastor.

Pendragon's duties as an Alastor required him to hunt down defectors to the clan and destroy them. He was also charged with finding those who hurting the clan, and inform the Elders of the Clan of their transgressions. He acted in this capacity up until the time of the Ravaging and the restructuring of the clan. With the power base in Vienna now effectively gone and his sire destroyed in the Sabat Wars, Pendragon decided that it was now time for him to retire.

[As a note: Some Tremere whisper that Pendragon still answers to the Council in Vienna (that are not nearly as gone as we think), or that he arrranged the death of his sire (to grant him his freedom). i personally have no damn idea, I just know it's better to give Pendragon room to breathe.] -KS

In his 'retirement', Pendragon decided to create his first and only childe, Pontius A. Vaugk. None are quite sure why Pendragon chose Vaugk, on the surface they seem distinct opposites.

['None are quite sure' – Bullshit. Before his death, Jeremiah Dennings was grooming Pontius from afar to be his next childe. Probably to translate some of his confiscated 'war heirlooms'. Pendragon merely saw a power that could be his and grabbed it before it could be used against him.] -RM

Simon Pendragon

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