Sable, James

Former DEA agent turned ecoterrorist


Sire: Katherine

Birth Name: James Alexander Sable 

Date of Death: November, 1989 in British Comumbia

Blood Potency: unknown, but he is a known diablerist with at least 3 victims, so he is at least 4.

Known Skills: Sable in knowledgeable in police tactics and is a master of explosives. Sable also possesses contacts in the world of anarchists and fringe politicals, he is seen as a 'poster boy' for certain violent environmental and political groups.


DEA agent James Sable fell into the wrong crowd, while attempting to track the finances of a group of extreme environmentalists, he found himself enthralled with their leader, a lady named Katherine. This eventually lead to Sable's embrace.

When Sable first arrived in the Bay Area (tracking his missing sire), he was quickly recruiting into Ian's attempt at creating a 'Group of Five'. This group consisted of   Nimp Mahar (Malkavian), Gus (Nosferatu), Simon Pendragon (Tremere),  Andrew Dante (Toreador). and of course, Sable. The group got along well until the time of Ian's Death, Nimp's erratic behavior and Simon's frequent disappearance left Sable angered with the entire group. The last straw came when he was stopped by Nimp from killing Alsydaire and he somehow began a relationship with the Sabbat.

THis led to his betrayal of the Camarilla, and the beginning of his rise in the power structure of the Sabbat.

Recently it has been revealed that Sable is one of three heads of the so-called 'shadow-conspiracy' that have targetted the elders of the society. The only other known leader is Quetzalocoaltl, with one other leader that has yet to be identified.

Rumours and Facts

  • Sable still has friends in the Camarilla/Society that feed him information. [It is believed that this information is gained through blackmail rather than any actual … friendship.] -KS
  • Sable has a special hatred for his sire and the other members of the so-called 'group of 5'.
  • Sable organized the Conspirator attack on the city of San Francisco as a feint so that he could take revenge on his sire, Katherine.
  • Sable has learned the darkness controlling discipline of Obtenebration from unknown sources. [Pirates. Undead pirates. He learned from the ones that sleep at the bottom of the bay.] -Ian

[This mad dog should have been put down years ago. His existence is a threat to all that we have built. Mr. Sable has no pity and as such should not receive any. If you see him extinguish him and the world will be better for it.] -Z


Sable, James

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