A creature of mystery


Sire: Abraham

Date of Death: Unknown

Blood Potency: unknown

Known Skills: While Q's background is unknown, he is obviously highly skilled at influencing and subjugating thosethat have demonstrated weakness of one sort or other. He calls these slaves Brujeria.

Known Disciplines: Only speculation exists on this point. It is believed that he is an expert in Presence or Dominate, and there are some Tremere (Simon Pendragon) that believe he has a 'new' discipline that has much in common with Thaumaturgy.


Quetzolocoatl is an unknown force. He appeared in the outskirts of The Society, nibbling at it's edges. He seems adept at targetting those vampires that are isolated in some way from vampire society and picking them off (or recruiting them).

No vampire has been known to have directly dealt with him, and so Quetzelacoatl is a secret and powerful threat.


The Gloaming delenore