Pontius Vaugk

Archivist, occultist, occasional curmudgeon


Sire:  Simon Pendragon

Date of Death: October 2007

Blood Potency: 2

Known Skills: While adverse to anything and all things 'modern', Pontius is one of the world's foremost scholars about anything to do with books and their uses.

Known Disciplines: Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Dominate


So young student, where shall I start? From the beginning as most honest things do? Well the beginning then yes, hmm? There’s not much to tell, aside from being born into the family of a well to do, cowardly, hypochondriac of a prune farmer. My mother was about the only being to see my true potential I suppose, but she was so caught up with her routine of surgeries and no to low fat diets, the church of Scientology was more of an interest in the long term for her. Alas, those fools of much dubiousness cursed her from the only rock solid thing in which she would have been saved by; modern medicine and procedures. Now, my acerbic regard towards things modern, you could say is derived from this cruel lesson of fate that my mother paid with her life naught three decades ago, or is it four? And so you are aware that I am a learned man, and I have been patient for the majority of my life. A sin of sins, I suppose. Anyways, I’ll have you know I brook absolutely no room for those who wish to slow and impede any given task I have embraced. So put your shiny bauble back into your coat pocket and be on your way child.

Now ironically, you would think it would draw me towards supporting those things that benefit from modernity would you not?  Well then you would truly be quite the fool and not worth mine or these cosmos’ time!  For in it lies the trust and hope that whatever little tiny invention will survive into the next day.  Increased solar prominences, a shift in alignment of the gravitational fields and fluxes of the planets, rogue planetary and astronomic occurrences will wreak havoc and destruction upon the countless mass of electronic and mechanical devices encircling this planetary body.  Then you all are doomed to a life before their use.  An honest life.  When this occurs we shall see who survives, when your kind cannot instantly conjure up your pages of the web, and whatever else you call them. points to the text and manuscript covered table  These and what they contain are what will be supremely superior to mankind’s puny inventions.
Too long, yes I beleive,  have I been comfortable in my position as an archivist, collector, and a most crafty antiquarian.  You see, as time dribbles on meandering through these cosmos, you have only enough texts and manuscripts in which to discover and find the meaning of this universe.  The most singular and potent thing a man or I guess some cases, a woman can gain from the sweat of their own back, is in itself knowledge.  Above all knowledge is the most concrete and solid possession a being can acquire in which he or in those rare cases, she, has the chance to utilize in the furthering of the self.  This, and this fact above all is what nations rise and die for.

Pontius Vaugk

The Gloaming Pontius