Edgar Parizot

Self-made zombie.


Sire: None (really).

Date of Death: October 13th, 2007

Blood Potency: 1

Known Skills: Parizot is a houngan and as such, knows quite a bit about lwa and and other spirits.

Known Disciplines: Obfuscate, Catteveria. Parizot has shown the ability to create mojo bags that have the ability to keep spirits away.


Parizot has worked for Abraham since his changing and reveres the 'old man'. Parizot is aware of the forces that are at work in the Bay Area and is attempting to survuve them.

Rumours and Facts

  • Parizot managed to turn himself into a vampire. The hows and whys are not known.
  • Parizot respects Abraham and believes him to be an incarnation of the lwa, Ghede.

Edgar Parizot

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