Theodore Durrant


Sire:  Samuel Mathieson

Date of Death: January 1898

Blood Potency: 5

Known Skills: Durrant is manipulative and incredibly sneaky. He knows many ways to end the existence of living – and unliving- things.

Known Disciplines: Obfuscate, Catteveria, Thanatosis, Fortitude


Hanged at San Quentin State Prison in 1898 (after his conviction of the murder of 2 women), Theodore Durrant was subsequently embraced by Samuel Mathieson.

  • For quite a long period of time, Durrant was 'encarcerated' by the Nosferatu and forced to question the dead for them. He still bears a grudge against Nosferatu for this 'indignity'.
  • While Durrant was only 26 when he died, his obfuscated forms tend to be of an older man (50s or 60s). No one is quite sure why this is.
  • Durrant's head has a peculiar loll to it. Whether this is form the hangman's noose or an affectation on his part, he isn't telling.

Theodore Durrant

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