Charley Ibdis

Takes chances



Date of Death: November 2007

Blood Potency: 1

Known Skills: Char is a practiced gambler. He is constantly aware of 'the game' – as he puts it. Char is also accomplished at rigging games of chance (and the finer points of larceny).

Known Disciplines: Potence, Obfuscate, Animalism, Auspex


Little is known about Mr. Ibdis.

-and I for one, find this disconcerting. No one seems to have heard from this Mr. Ibdis before the restructuring of the Anubi. He claims to be from the Reno area, which means he has probable SanGiovanni ties. Ibdis needs to be monitored. [RM]

Charley Ibdis

The Gloaming delenore