Not everyone can be a hero.


Sire: Ian

Birth Name: Marcus Aurelius Silver

Date of Death: August 1972

Blood Potency: Aproximately 3, although it is rumoored that he has committed diablerie.

Known Skills: Marcus is in superb physical shape as well as being an adept swordsman (his skill comes nowhere near his bragging, however).

Known Disciplines: All the traditional Malkavian disciplines (Auspex, Dominate and Obfuscate), although he does not utilize them regularly. Marcus is regularly seen using Celerity and has been reprimanded several times for 'bending' the Masquerade.

Known Childer: Marcus is not known to have any childer, although his time in the Sabbat is a blur to him.

Clan Weakness: Derangement. Marcus's derangement is hard to pin down. It is believed it is a form of Periodic Amnesia and flase memories that protect him from unpleasantness in his past. He sees himself as a hero – in the mold of the three musketeers. His sense of personal history seems to be fluid.

[A warning: Do NOT challenge his views of the past, direct evidence of something he 'knows' to be contrary can lead to frenzy and a regression to a more primitive frame of reference. Just don't tease the bear.] -KS


Musrcus was first seen in 1973 walking out of the pacific ocean onto a public beach in Los Angeles, naked with an antique rapier. Quickly brought before the Baron of the Anarch Free State, Marcus claimed that he had been lost at sea for 'many a year' held captive aboard a pirate vessel.

While initially distrusted and shunned as just another Kook, he quickly earned the honor of become the Baron's protector after an incident involving an attempted Anarch coup and the single handed dispatch (by Marcus) of all opposed to the Baron. Marcus lived as a high ranking anarch up until the early '90s, when the Sabbat sect brought the Barony to cinders. Those that were deemed useful were submittted to Autorictus Ritae and brought into the Sabbat, body and soul.

Marcus's mind shattered even farther, he stopped speaking altogether and become an engine of death for the Sabbat. Eventually, following the ravaging and the destruction of the bonds that tied him to the Sabbat, he found himself again and pledged his allegience to the King of the Bay Area. Timmons accepted him back into the fold after declaring amnesty for all former Sabbat vampires.

[Most think Timmons did this to keep an eye on the whack job. I don't think so, the truth is far worse. Timmons is a hopeless optimist that thinks that there truly can be redemption, no matter your sins. Sentimental crap] -RM

Marcus claims little to no memories of his time with the sabbat, but the truth is known only to him.


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