The Gloaming

Ride Along

An evening with the Watchers

The Anubi are all brought to a briefing of the Watchers. They are instructed in the Watchers' mission, and told that they are to operate as internal affairs for the Watchers. Seperated into two groups (Cyndi, Pontius, Char & Buckley and Victor, Rada & Cyrus), they are sent on seperate investigations.

The Pcs are sent to investigate a multiple homicide in Chinatown with Marcus and Garrett.At the scene, they are ushered past the police line and taken into a back card room. 12 men are dead, most have apparently starved or gorged themselves to death, except one that has vomited odd objects (pins and small coins) and slowly bled to death (he was holding a cell phone).

After a brief altercation with some chinese thugs, they are soon on the trail of an escaped demon. It was accidently summoned and is now on the run.



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