The Gloaming

Water and politics

...and we all go down together

Pontius is unconscious at the bottom of the Bay, while the rest of the Anubi need to make a plan to get him back up. Eventually, Buckley, Cyndi and Victor are sent to gain the help of Ethan Tinsworth, who is residing near the Sutro Baths. After a brief incident involving a sea lion and a park ranger, the group head out to rescue the Anubi Tremere.

Meanwhile, Pontius is finding that animals aen't particularly well disposed toward the undead. Sharks and numerous other underwater beasties have begun to harrass and attack him. He manages to find safe haven in a sunken car. Tinswirth manages to find and rescue Pontius (although Pontius is quite the worse for wear, he has lost a leg and gained some kind of parasite).

The (finally) regrouped Anubi are then brought to Coit Tower and are met by the King and Dukes. Presented with a dossier on the kindred of the city, they are tasked with finding the shadow conspirators in the Society. THey are also informed that their respective clan dukes will instruct them in the use of their vampiric abilities and act as liasons to the rest of the clans.

All the anubi head back to their havens, but Pontius is greeted by Edgar Parizot at his front door. Parizot informs Pontius that Abraham's commune has been wiped from the map, The Agency managed to find it by utilizing Pontius' cane sword as a divining rod that brought them straight to the seraphim, Reziel. All the vampires that were part of Abraham's group were told (by Abraham) to find the group of 5 for protection. Parizot believes that Abraham was destroyed or captured(?) by the Agency.



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