The Cliff House during a storm in 1900. 


"Like a million disappeared
Just how long did you think they would live
Prepare yourself
Come on defend
Everyone defend"
-Tomahawk, "God Hates a Coward"

Something strange has happened. The old society has been destroyed, and a new order has arisen to replace it. Some say that these are truly the final nights. While still others say that the final nights have already passed, and that we are now in a new and different world.
Welcome to the gloaming.

The largest concentration of surviving vampires is without a doubt the Northern Coast of California. Why this area survived the vampiric purge is unknown.

The vampiric clans control the area in a crude restructure of the Camarilla and Sabbat. The area operates under a unique political sructure, dubbed by all as, simply, The Society. What this means is that each clan is responsible for a different aspect of the masquerade and general kine control.


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The Gloaming

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